Ageha Ikuse
Kana 島姫 狗
Romaji Ikuse Ageha
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Relatives Suou Himejima (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Husband
Unnamed Son
Tobio Ikuse (Grandson)
Affiliations Himejima Clan (formally)
Status Deceased

Ageha Ikuse (née Himejima) is the grandmother of Tobio Ikuse and an exiled member of the Himejima Clan.


An elderly woman, Ageha was described to have a familiar resemblance to her grand niece Suzaku.


Described as a kind hearted woman. Ageha loved her grandson Tobio dearly and is very protective of him having sealed his fully activated Longinus from the moment he was born and gave a prayer beads with a powerful protection spell for his safety.


Born into the Himejima Clan. During her youth, Ageha was exiled decades earlier, before marrying a husband and started a happy family. When her grandson Tobio was born, his Longinus fully activated with its Balance Breaker, Ageha thus used magic to sealed Tobio's Sacred Gear for his safety. When Tobio was in middle school, Ageha pass away from old age.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Expert Magician: Ageha has great skill in Eastern Magic of Buddhism. Having been able to seal the Longinus Canis Lykaon. She can also imbued spells into objects, having imbued a prayer beads with a powerful one time protection that can protect the wearer from fatal harm, and also a crystal with magical voice recording that remains functional after her death.