Kana オーガスタ
Romaji Ōgasuta
Race Human (Magician)
Gender Female
Nicknames Witch of the South
Purple Flame
Equipment &
Incinerate Anthem
Personal Status
Affiliations Wizards of Oz
Status Alive
Augusta is a magician from the Wizards of Oz and is the second generation Witch of the South nicknamed the Purple Flame and is the current possessor of the Longinus, Incinerate Anthem.

Appearance Edit

Augusta is an elderly foreign woman in her sixties dressed in violet robes with a sharp glint in her eyes and an upright posture that seemed almost youthful.

Personality Edit

History Edit

At some point, Augusta became the second-generation Witch of the South and host of the Longinus, Incinerate Anthem. She also took on Walburga as her disciple.

Plot Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Master Magician: As the second generation Witch of the South, Augusta has exceptional skill in magic.

Equipment Edit

Incinerate Anthem: Augusta's Longinus, which lets her control special purple flames that she is able to shape into a giant that has a crucifix on its back.