Byakko Shinra
Byakko Shinra
Kana 真羅 白虎
Romaji Shinra Byakko
Race Human
Gender Male
Equipment &
White Tiger
Personal Status
Relatives Tsubaki Shinra

Kiyotora Shinra

Affiliations Shinra Clan
Five Principal Clans

Byakko Shinra is a member of the Shinra Clan and the current inheritor of the Sacred Beast the White Tiger.

Appearance Edit

Byakko is a young man with a shaved head.

Personality Edit

Byakko is described by Seiryu as a rambunctious man.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Byakko is a formidable hand to hand combatant, in his White Tiger form, he easily overpowered both Kouki and Byakusa, after blocking the latter's lightning spear, Byakko swiftly counterattacked defeating Kouki in one hit.

Immense Durability: Byakko possess extraordinary durability for a human as when Freed shot him in the face with a Light Gun, he emerged completely unscathed.

Equipment Edit

White Tiger : The Sacred Beast of the Shinra Clan has been handed down for generations to the strongest mystic of the clan who is personally chosen by the Sacred Beast itself along with its name.

  • Spiritual Symbiosis: Byakko can fuse with his Sacred Beast, transforming into a Humanoid Tiger. His physical prowess is greatly enhanced in this form, able to easily overpower both Kouki and Byakusa of the Four Fiends.