The Five Principal Clans (五大宗家 Godai Sōke) are five well known distinguished clans that has been purifying evil spirits since ancient times.


The Five Principal Clans are powerful clans of Shinto mystics that has carried a divine connection to the Shinto Gods and served them for generations. According to Hanezu, since ancient times, a majority of the members of the Five Principal Clans are born blessed by the Shinto Gods with the spiritual power to manipulate one of the Five Elements perspective to their clan due to their fervent faith and strict worship in Shintoism. Certain members such as Hanezu and Ageha who are not blessed with such power are scorned as outcasts and exiled from the family. Members who violates their system of religious laws such as Shuri are also executed.  In addition to the the spiritual power of the Five Elements and Shinto system of Eastern Magic. Each of the five clans rules over the Four Sacred Beasts (四神, Shishin) and Yellow Dragon (黄龍, Ōryū) with the strongest members of the five clans to inherited them and their names.

The Five Principal Clans and the sacred beasts linked to the respective clans are:

Family Sacred Beast Element Name

(櫛橋くしはし, Kushihashi)

Azure DragonQīnglóng(青龍せいりゅう, Seiryū) Wood Seiryuu Kushihashi

(櫛橋 青龍くしはし せいりゅう, Kushihashi Seiryū)


(童門どうもん, Dōmon)

Black TortoiseXuánwŭ(玄武げんぶ, Genbu) Water Genbu Doumon

(童門 玄武どうもん げんぶ, Dōmon Genbu)


(真羅しんら, Shinra)

White TigerBáihŭ(白虎びゃっこ, Byakko) Gold/Metal Byakko Shinra

(真羅 白虎しんら びゃっこ, Shinra Byakko)


(姫島ひめじま, Himejima)

Vermillion BirdZhūquè(朱雀すざく, Suzaku) Fire Suzaku Himejima

(姫島 朱雀ひめじま すざく, Himejima Suzaku)


(百鬼なきり, Nakiri)

Yellow DragonHuánglóng(黄龍おうりゆう, Ōryū) Earth Ouryuu Nakiri

(百鬼 黄龍なきり おうりゆう, Nakiri Ōryū)


Nakiri Himejima Kushihashi Doumon Shinra
  • Ouryuu Nakiri
  • Tsubaki Shinra (former)
  • Kiyotora Shinra (former)

High School DxDEdit

The current inheritor of the Yellow DragonHuánglóng, Ouryuu Nakiri, is a second-year student attending Kuoh Academy and a member of the new Student Council led by Xenovia Quarta.


  • Suou Himejima is the Ōoji-sama (大叔父, great uncle) who pursued Akeno in the short story Scarlet and Crimson, found in High School DxD Volume 15
    • He is the great uncle of Tobio Ikuse through his sister Ageha, and Akeno and Suzaku through and second, unnamed sister.
  • Suzaku's mother is Shuri's older sister, making Suzaku and Akeno first cousins.