It should be possible for you with one of those ominous blades. The Five Principal Clans, the Himejima, destroy them. Hanezu's last words to Tobio in Volume 1, Chapter

Hanezu Himejim
Romaji Himejima Hanezu
Race Human (Magician)
Gender Male
Equipment &
Personal Status
Affiliations Utsusemi Agency

Hanezu Himejima (姫島 唐棣ひめじま はねず, Himejima Hanezu) is a section head of the "Utsusemi Agency" and the main antagonist of the first part of SLASH/DOG.


Hanezu has the demeanor of being polite and calm, but deep down he bears immense hatred towards the Five Principal Clans particularly his own family the Himejima Clan due to being scorned and ultimately exiled for not being blessed by the Shinto Gods with spiritual powers from birth. He lament his own fate as well as his fellow members of the Utsusemi Agency as outcasts of the Five Principal Clans describing themselves as being condemned to live a hollowed existence by their clans. Due to this, Hanezu is willing to resorted to any means necessary to take revenge on the Five Principal Clan particularly the Himejima even if it means sacrificing his life. He took a particular interest in Tobio, a Longinus Possessor who is descended from an exiled member of his Clan. Believing Tobio to be the perfect candidate to exact vengeance on the Himejima, Hanezu was ecstatic to see the full extend of Tobio's potential in his Balance Breaker, he happily accepted death as he told the latter his final wish for Tobio to destroy the Himejima.


Hanezu is first seen saving Kazuhisa Doumon from being defeated by Tobio Ikuse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Magician: Hanezu excelled in Eastern Magic rituals which he claimed himself to be the best among the Himejima Clan. Combined with his physical combat skills he is able to easily to overpowered the Canis Lykaon in its base state.

Quote Edit

  • Ikuse Tobio, why not lend us your power? No, for argument’s sake, apart from cutting us down, for the present—instead of us, why not overthrow those monsters from the Five Principal Clans?”
  • Clearly it can be understood to be related to the name of our organization……. Utsusemi[1], it’s the same name. ——It means ‘humans’. Thus, the cast off skin of a cicada. Something which is hollow. ……Though born into a family with a righteous lineage of supernatural powers, yet not possessing the power passed on by that family, those were the people that we have recruited to our objective. As far as the people from the Clans are concerned, those people who didn’t possess the power the family desired, they weren’t ‘human. They were merely incompetent. We who were rejected by that value system were hollow existences——Utsusemi.
  • Himejima Tobio. Grant my desire. Make it come true. Remake the ominous blade of the black dog born to the Himejima. And then, kill me with that ominous blade. I won’t die by the hands of those guys. If I am to die, allow me to perish by your black blade.
  • ……You said that I was crazy. That was deserved. Since taking my place here, a normal mind hasn’t existed for me. But, Ikuse Tobio. You haven’t changed your ominous blade here, even omitting this state of affairs it’s not as bright as before. Since the time you were born inheriting the blood of the Himejima, it was impossible for you to be able to live a life the same as a normal human being.