Kazuhisa Doumon (童門 計久どうもん かずひさ Dōmon Kazuhisa) is a member of the Utsusemi Agency.


Kazuhisa is first seen in an abandoned building leading an attack on Tobio Ikuse and his friends, leading a huge number of Utsusemi to attack Tobio and Samejima. While initially just an observer, Kazuhisa eventually joins the fight summoning his clay doll to attack both Tobio and Samejima. Feeling overconfident, he starts to mock Tobio about Sae and even tried to have Tobio's friend, Kouta Sasaki, to stab himself with Jin, ultimately angering Tobio who's anger allowed Jin to unlock new abilities and destroy Kazuhisa's Clay Doll along with the Utsusemi he is leading. Cornered by Tobio, Kazuhisa was rescued by Hanezu Himejima.


Clay Doll creation: Doumon clan 's mystical technique, by using Eastern magic Talisman, Kazuhisa can create a three meter tall clay doll with great offensive and defensive power.