Kouki Samejima
Kouki Samejima (2017)
Kana 鮫島 綱生さめじま こうき
Romaji Samejima Kōki
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Equipment &
Unnamed Sacred Gear
Personal Status
Affiliations Grigori (Agent)
Slash/Dog Team
Status Alive

Kouki Samejima is a character from SLASH/DOG. He is a renowned school delinquent from Ryuukou Academy.


Samejima is a handsome young man with spiked up dyed brown hair and gray eyes.



Kouki is one of the few students who missed his school trip thus avoid being captured by the Utsusemi Agency.


Power and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Combatant: Kouki is shown to be an adept fighter able to use the transformed Byakusa proficiently.

Spearman: With Byakuse, Kouki could hold his own against Utsusemis.

Enhanced Speed: In Volume 2, Following his training at the Grigori Kouki speed has improve as he can shrunk the distance between him and Kushihashi Seiryuu.


Unnamed Sacred Gear: Samejima's Sacred Gear which takes the form of a white cat whom he has named Byakusa (白砂びゃくさ). It is one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gear bearing the spirit of Táowù/Toukotsu. It also has the power to create a large amount of electricity. It is capable of transforming into a spear for Samejima's use. In Volume 2, Samejima can have electricity around the spear.

  • True Form: It takes the form of an enormous tiger with several tails and with electricity around it. In this form He can use electricity to attack and his several tails.