Lavinia Reni
Kana ラヴィニア • レニ
Romaji Ravinia Reni
Race Human (Magician)
Gender Female
Nicknames Demise Girl
Ice Princess
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Equipment &
Absolute Demise
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Affiliations Grigori
Slash/Dog Team
Status Alive

Lavinia Reni (ラヴィニア Ravinia) is a magician from the the organization Grauzauberer, nicknamed Demise Girl, and the current possessor of the Longinus Absolute Demise.

Appearance Edit

Lavinia is a beautiful young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a pointed magician hat. She has a slim and voluptuous figure.

Personality Edit

Lavinia is very kind-hearted woman. She has a extremely innocent and childlike personality as she has a habit of going into others room to sleep at night, having once did so by going to Natsume's room and later Tobio's. She is also oblivious to her beauty and attractiveness and how it affects the opposite sex, having once slept with Tobio while wearing nothing but a dress shirt that fully exposed her body. She also does not mind being seen naked by Tobio , even offering to bathe together.

History Edit

Lavinia was sent by the chairman of her organization to help Grigori deal with the stray magicians that allied themselves with the Utsusemi Agency.

Plot Edit

High School DxD Edit

In Volume 21, Lavina appears along with the team leader Tobio at the hospital where she meets members of the Gremory and Vali Teams, Vali was reluctant as she scolds him for going off on his own and hugs him. later within the mountainous region of a certain European country, Lavinia appeared with Tobio teaming up with Vali Team to fight against an army of Evil Dragons and one Trihexa's bodies led by Aži Dahāka, where she summons her Sacred Gears avatar to freeze several Evil Dragons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Expert Magician: Lavinia is shown to be well versed in many magic. Lavinia can use defensive magic, Elemental magic, magic communication circles and Lavinia can use magic to store away the Items and summon it back when she needed it.

  • Light of protection: Lavinia can use Defensive spell raise her and others defensive power.

Equipment Edit

Absolute Demise: Lavinia's Sacred Gear, it materializes a three meter tall doll made of ice that takes a form of a woman in a dress. It has immense ice based abilities powerful enough to counter the holy flames of Incinerate Anthemn. It can create ice pillars and freeze small area in ice.

Unamed Wand: Lavinia wields a unnamed wand which she uses for combat and magic spells.

Broomstick: Lavinia has a broomstick that can allow her to fly.

Trivia Edit