Natsume Minagawa
Natsume Minagawa (2017)
Kana (皆川 夏梅みながわ なつめ)
Romaji Minagawa Natsume
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Equipment &
Unnamed Sacred Gear
Personal Status
Affiliations Grigori (Agent)
Slash/Dog Team
Status Alive

Natsume Minagawa is one of the survivors of the luxury liner incident. She is the possessor of one of the Four Fiends' Sacred Gears.


Natsume is a beautiful young woman with light brown hair that is normally tied up. She has a slim and voluptuous figure, with her rather large breasts being normally concealed by her clothes. She usually lets down her hair when relaxing at home or sleeping, making her give off a different and alluring atmosphere.


Natsume is very cheerful, friendly, upbeat and enthusiastic with a strong determination. She also seems to have a remarkably understanding and cool-headed personality as she did not lash back at Tobio after misunderstanding him as assaulting her in her sleep, despite her immense nervousness at the situation.

However, she can also be very hot-headed as seen in her multiple squabbles with Kouki Samejima.


Natsume is one of the few students to have missed the school trip thus surviving the ordeal.


Natsume is first seen rescuing Tobio Ikuse from an Utsusemi. She later hands him an egg that could help him hatch his Sacred Gear with the help from the "Governor General".

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Stealth: Natsume has shown some skill in masking her presence from people.


Unnamed Sacred Gear: Natsume's Sacred Gear that takes the form of a Hawk whom she has named Griffon (グリフォン Gurifon). It is one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gear bearing the spirit of Qióngqí/Kyuuki. It has the power to manipulate wind.

  • True Form: It has the upper body of a falcon and the bottom body of a lion, much like a Griffon of legend. In this form, it can use its wings to send powerful wind blades and release gusts of wind.