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Canis Lykaon Puppy Form

Tobio alongside Jin aka Canis Lykaon

Sacred Gears (神器セイクリッド・ギア, Seikuriddo Gia), also known as God's Artifacts, are items with powerful abilities bestowed upon humans by the God from the Bible.


The original God of the Bible created the Sacred Gears as part of His system to enact miracles on Earth. It has been stated that certain individuals with Sacred Gears have grown to become very powerful and influential and that a large number of the people who have had their names etched into history, were most likely Sacred Gear possessors. There can be more than one Sacred Gear of the same type. If a Sacred Gear is removed from the owner, they would die. Only humans or human hybrids can be born with Sacred Gears.


Sacred Gears can have a variety of effects, such as Twilight Healing granting near-instantaneous healing and Twice Critical doubles the power of the user.

Sacred Gears can also adapt and evolve based on their wielder's thoughts, needs, and feelings, gaining abilities or qualities as time passes. This is stated to be the source of Balance Breaker, and suggested to be the source of the transformation into a Sub-Species.

Balance BreakerEdit

Sacred Gears have an ultimate state of activation called the Balance Breaker, which is the most powerful manifestation of the Sacred Gear. Once reached, the Balance Breaker can be entered again far more easily than the first time.



Aside from the normal Sacred Gears, there are the Longinus. Longinus are unique top-tier Sacred Gears, each having multiple abilities compared to a normal Sacred Gear which only has one, and has the power to slay Gods. There are 13 Longinus in total.


Sub-Species are Sacred Gears that have taken on a unique characteristic because of the thoughts and feelings of the wielder. They are more powerful than the normal form of the same Sacred Gear, and will sometimes gain a new ability as well.

Independent Avatar TypeEdit

The main focus of SLASH/DOG, the Independent Avatar Sacred Gears are Sacred Gears that creates a avatar, usually in the form of an animal, and can act independently while protecting it's possessor or to team up with their possessor in combat. Among the Independent Avatar Sacred Gears, there are four of the Sacred Gears with special beings sealed in it called the "Four Fiends" (四凶 Shikyō) the Sacred Gears containing the Four Fiends has top class abilities compared to other Independent Avatar Sacred Gears and are the main target of the Utsusemi Agency.

Known Sacred Gears of this type are: