Shigune Nanadaru
Shigune Nanadaru
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Heteochromia - Blue (Left eye), Gray (Right eye)
Personal Status
Affiliations Grigori (Agent)
Slash/Dog Team
Status Alive

Shigune Nanadaru is a member of Grigori and Tobio Ikuse's Team Slash Dog.

Appearance Edit

Shigune is a beautiful young Eurasian woman of Japanese and European descent with blonde hair and hetechormic eyes

Equipment Edit

Unnamed Sacred Gear: Shigune wields one of the Four Fiends Sacred Gear which bears the spirit of Tāotiè/Toutetsu which is the strongest of the Four Fiends. It takes the form of a small four horned beast wearing a mask which has limitless appetite, being able to devour anything from monsters to magic.