Suzaku Himejima
SLASHDØG 2 illustration 02
Kana 姫島 朱雀ひめじま すざく (full kanji)
Romaji Himejima Suzaku
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Equipment &
Vermilion Bird
Personal Status
Relatives Suou Himejima (Great-Uncle)
Ageha Ikuse (Great-Aunt) †
Unnamed Grandmother
Baraqiel (Uncle-In-Law)
Shuri Himejima (Aunt) †
Unnamed Mother
Tobio Ikuse (Second Cousin)
Akeno Himejima (Cousin)
Affiliations Himejima Clan
Five Principal Clans
Status Alive

Suzaku Himejima is a member of the Himejima clan and current inheritor of the sacred beast the Vermilion Bird.


Suzaku is a beautiful young woman with long purple hair and red eyes. She has a slim and voluptous figure and was noted to have a strong resemblance to her aunt, Shuri.

Personality Edit

Suzaku is elegant, gentle and soft-spoken. She is also extremely kind-hearted and compassionate as she lament the ancient system of rules and traditions of the Five Great Families which has for years brought great tragedy and suffering to its own members, such as the estranged Hanezu and Kazuhisa. Having lost her aunt Shuri who was executed for her love with Baraqiel and her cousin Akeno whom was scorned and exiled for her Fallen Angel heritage, Shuri's death and Akeno's banishment had made Suzaku resolved to reform the system of the Five Great Families to prevent future tragedies. After Shuri's death, Suzaku became strongly protective of her family members even towards distant relatives that she has never meet before such as her cousin Tobio. In Volume 3 of Slash Dog Suzaku swore to Tobio that she will protect him from the Himejima Clan's discrimination and persecution towards him for his ownership of a Longinus and to convince Suou and the other members to accept him as their family.


Suzaku is first seen after the Utsusemi incident, discussing about the Four Fiends and Tobio Ikuse and Akeno with her granduncle. She is then seen with Seiryuu and talks about her cousins, revealing her intention to treat them as part of the clan and decides to gather the inheritors of Sacred Beasts.

High School DxDEdit

She also appears in Volume 21 of High School DxD, talking with her cousin Akeno.

Abilities and Power Edit

Master Magician: Specializing in Eastern magic of Shinto Mysticism. Since childhood, Suzaku has outstanding talent in using Shinto magic and enchantments, having been capable of breaking past powerful enchantments while still a child and was later chosen to be the inheritor of the Vermilion Bird the Sacred Beast of the Himejima Clan at the age 17 for her talent.

  • Purification: Due to her spiritual training as the Heiress of the Himejima clan, Suzaku has very powerful purification abilities to purify evil spirits.

Spiritual Flame Manipulation: : As one of the Himejima who has been blessed by Kagutsuchi the Shinto God of Fire, Suzaku can create and manipulate spiritual fire. Suzaku has shown being able to create sparks of flames that covered an entire plaza.