Utsusemi Agency (虚蝉機関 Utsusemi Kikan) is a group led by Hanezu Himejima, it is the antagonist of the first arc.


The Utsusemi Agency is formed by the outcast members of the Five Great Families. In order to overcome that and seek revenge on the Five Great Families, they decide to use a different source of power that differs from their clans, the Four FiendsSìxiōng (四凶しきょう, Shikyō literally four evils) by formulating the Four Fiends Project with the Independent-Avatar Sacred Gears as their base. To that end, the group targeted the Ryuukou Academy's second year students with the required Sacred Gears but all of them were absent during that trip forcing the group to change their original plans and instead used the kidnapped students by implanting Utsusemi into the students and use them to hunt the actual possessors of the Four Fiends.

Four Fiends ProjectEdit

The Four Fiends Project (四凶計画 Shikyō keikaku) is the main objective of the Utsusemi Agency. The main goal of this project is to find four Independent Avatar Sacred Gear users with the Four Fiends,four legendary ancient monsters sealed in it. Currently two of the four possessors have been known.

The four fiends and their known possessors are:

Name Possessors Sacred Gears
Tāotiè (饕餮とうてつ, Tōtetsu)
Qióngqí (窮奇きゆうき, Kyūki) Natsume Minagawa Griffon
Táowù (檮杌とうこつ, Tōkotsu) Kouki Samejima Byakusa
Húndùn (渾沌こんとん, Konton)